Agenda & Minutes


Thursday, October 15, 2020


I. Introductions  

II. Presentation:  Ed Foglia, Region 2 Director (if available)

III. President’s Report

A.  SCC Report (with Don)

    1.  D. Goldberg, CTA VP report summary
    2. Phone banking for Prop 15 (10/27/2020)
    3. MOUs on reopening Stanislaus County Schools Summary
    4. Recap of local chapters’ reports

IV. Minutes:  none

V. Membership: Membership and Treasurer’s Report Charley – membership numbers/financial statement/ Budget for 2020-21

VI.  Treasurer’s Report:  Lew Boyle

VII.  Committee Reports

A.  Political Action:  Charley

B.  Web Page/Facebook:  Eric/Cherie

C.  Social–Paul Calaveras Big Trees trip? Discussion

VIII.  Old Business

A.  Recruitment-Discussion: 2-3 doable strategies to increase membership

IX.  Old Business

X.  New Business

XII.  Adjourn

Stanislaus CTA/NEA – Retired

Thursday, October 12, 2017


I.  Introductions  The meeting started at 1:30 PM after lunch and the presentation.

Attendance:  John Johansen, Cherie Lamoreaux, Bob McDonough, Don Rowe, Paul Prescott, Diane Young, John Poat, Jon Olson, Donna Olson, Eric Julien, Lew Boyle, and Pattie Langpaap.

II.  Presentation:  John Johansen on “Cyber Security”  John warned us that PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) was the major avenue that cyber criminals access our computers.  He also showed us the video, “Hack Attack”, where a reporter allowed himself to be hacked at a hacker’s convention.

III.  President’s Report:

A.  Retirement Program –SSC-November 16, 2017– Don reported that everything is set up for the November meeting that will guide prospective retirees through the process of retirement.

B.  January Presentation:  Tina Cole Kreitz, “The Last Gift Box”Tina will be the presenter for our January meeting.  She has written a guide to instruct those who follow us that will ease the burden on them when we pass.  Workbooks can be purchased for $30 at or can be purchased from the author at the meeting.

IV.  Minutes:  Eric Julien  — Approved with corrections. (Lamoreaux/Julien)

V.  Membership:  Lew Boyle — We have 13 paid members.

VI.   Treasurer’s Report:  Lew Boyle — The bills for our, “You Don’t Have To Go Back” lunch have been received and been paid.  Our taxes have been done with the help of a donation of $150 from Lew Boyle. Our checking account had $1,008.49.  We received deposits of $731.00 and we have paid out $1,018.31, leaving our checking account at $721.18  Our savings account has $60 in it.  The combination of Checking and Savings is now 781.18.  (Lamoreaux/James)

VII.  Committee Reports:

A.  Political Action:  Charley James — Charley James was not present.

B.  Web Page:  Eric Julien —Our website has been updated for security.  The poster advertising our two retirement preparation workshops has been placed on our website and the 2014-15 CTA/NEA–Retired Goals have been updated with the 2017–18 CTA/NEA–Retired Goals.

C.  Social:  Cherie Lamoreaux — There is nothing new to report.

VII.  Service Center Report:

A.   A lawsuit has gone to the Supreme Court will be heard in 2018.  It will probably support the Right to Work, so that Union Dues will be opt in in the future.

B.  The current Superintendent for Public Education is terming out.  Billionaire, Marshall Tuck is pro charter school.  AssemblymanTony Thurmond, Karen Blake, and Adam Anderson have already declared their intentions to run.  CTA has endorsed Tony Thurmond.

C.  Pension reform reform initiatives will possibly be coming out next year.  It is recommended that we don’t sign any petitions that ask for pension reform.

D.  We received 2017-2018 CTA/NEA Retired Goals.

VII.  Old Business:  There was no old business to discuss.

IX.  New Business

A. Grassroots lobbying — Don and drew have become the activists for grassroots lobbying.  They met with Heath Flora, who was cordial and they were able to get to know each other.  They also met with Susan Talamonte Eggman, who they found to be education friendly.

B. Paint Night — CTA is sponsoring a Paint Night which is a great way to get to meet other members and learn to paint.  If there are openings after CTA members sign up, CTA/NEA Retired members will be accepted.

C. Future Presentations — no suggestions.

X. Other:  None.

XI.  Adjourn:  We adjourned at 2:25 PM.



Thursday, May 25, 2017


I. Introductions  The meeting started at 11:50 AM.

Attendance:  Cherie Lamoreaux, Charley James, Terry Langpaap, Paul Prescott, Eric Julien, Lew Boyle, Don Endsley, Donna Endsley, Bob McConough, Gerie Mitchell, and Don Rowe.

II. President’s Report

A.  Retirement Program –SSC-Oct. ’17 and Apr. ’18– Seventy people attended our first pre-retirement program.  The Service Center steering committee will provide us with $350 to sponsor two more pre-retirement workshops in a bigger venue on November 16, 2017 and a yet to be determined day in April 2018.

B.  Recruitment efforts – FALCON–We have access to the FALCON database so we can delete the emails of those not interested in being members and contact newly retired teachers.

III. Minutes:  Eric Julien  Approved with corrections. (Lamoreaux/James)

IV. Treasurer’s Report:  Lew Boyle  Two more members have paid their dues.  We received $50 from Lew for a scholarship.  We incurred $300 expenses from conference fees and $100 in expenses for a scholarship.  Our checking account has $1,008.49.  Our savings account has $60 in it for a total of $1,060.49.  (Lamoreaux/James)

A.  Budget – Next year’s budget includes income of $360 from dues, $500 from a Service Center donation, and a carryover of $1,068.49.  Expenses for next year include $400 for conference, $150 for office supplies, $200 for the website, $100 for meetings, $350 for You Don’t Have To Go Back, $250 for reserve, and $500 miscellaneous.  A motion was made to donate $50 to Relay for Life.  (Julien/James)  The budget was passed.  (Boyle/Lamoreaux)

V.  Committee Reports

A.  Political Action:  Charley James  CARA presents many options to participate in action.    CTA  advocates that retired and active teachers to approach our elected representatives and educate them.  We have been assigned Heath Flores.  Don and Lew attended training.  CTA will inform representatives about what CTA’s position is on educational issues.  They will present an opportunity to get to know our representatives and provide them with background information.

B.  Web Page:  Eric Julien  Our website has been updated.  The You Don’t Have To Go Back invitation will be put on the website.

C.  Social:  Charlie Young  Our Underground Sacramento trip has been scheduled for June 14th.  Attendees should book tickets on northbound train 701 for the trip to Sacramento and southbound train 704 for our return.  Senior and AAA discounts are available at time of booking.

VI.  Service Center Report

    • Bob and Don attended the last meeting.  They reported that the State budget is good for teachers.  There will be a bump for teachers that will help..
    • The Service Center is having trouble achieving a quorum for their meetings.

VII.  Old Business  There was no old business to discuss.

VII.  New Business  

A.  You Don’t Have To Go Back! will be at Noon at the Service Center on August 16..

B.  We discussed the possibility of having author Tina Cole Kreitz do a workshop on her book, The Last Gift Box, a Present to Those Who Follow Me.  The Last Gift Box is a workbook that lists all the things that need to be done before we pass so that our descendants can easily navigate all the legalities and see to all of our wishes during a stressful time for them.  We will try to get her for October.

C.  It would be good to get Heath Flora, Ed Folia, or lobbyist Jennifer Baker to speak to us.  We should also schedule another HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program.  Another possibility would be an Amtrak trip to STRS or meet at the Luca Winery in Ripon

IX.  Other  None

X.  Adjourn  We adjourned at 1:25 PM.



Thursday, March 9, 2017


I. Introductions  Lunch began at Noon and the meeting started at 12:22 PM.

Attendance:  Bob McDonough, Jon Olson, Cherie Lamoreaux, Lew Boyle, Don Rowe, Charlie Young, Paul Prescott, Eric Julien, Charley James, Diane Young, and Maridel Visser.

II. President’s Report

A.  Pre-Retirement Program–We received a grant from CTA/NEA Retired for $350.  We are sponsoring our pre-retirement program on April 11, 2017 from 4:00 – 6:00 PM.  We will provide food and hand out all of our brochures to recruit new members.

B.  Count Ballots, March 15, 2017, 4:00 PM–The ballot counting will take place at the Stanislaus Service Center.

C.  Retirement Conference Report (Don, Bob, and Lew)–Bob and Don did a four-hour session on starting up a retired group.  The biggest hangup is finding out who is retired and how to contact them.  The Falcon software that CTA has can provide that information.  Lew attended a treasurer’s meeting that suggested groups have a membership chair.

III. Minutes:  Eric Julien  Other than a correction to Ed Folia’s name, the minutes were accepted and passed. (Prescott/Lamoreaux)

IV. Membership:  Lew Boyle  We currently have 14 members with the possibility of adding two more.  The membership report was accepted. (Lamoreaux/James)

V. Treasurer’s Report:  Lew Boyle  We have received dues from another member so our Checking Account balance is $1310.49 and our Savings Account has a balance of $60.00 for a total of $1370.49.  Our By-Laws have no provision for petty cash.  No need was found to add a provision for it.  (Lamoreaux/James)

VI.  Committee Reports

A.  Political Action:  Charley James  People have attended to town halls to protest educational reform proposed by Betsy DeVos.  We are worried about taking away Medicare from seniors with long-term health problems.  Cherrie notified us about a Town Hall meeting with Jeff Denham on April 17.  Lew mentioned that the Patterson Progressive Alliance is beginning its focus at the school board level.

B.  Web Page:  Eric Julien  Our website has been updated.  We might think of adding a pre-retirement timeline page for those who go to our site prior to retirement.

C.  Social–Charlie Young  The Underground Sacramento tour is limited to 20 people per session with 1:00 or 2:30 pm times working for us if we ride the train to Sacramento.  We are planning on June 14, 2017.  The cost is $15.00 per person and it includes admission to the museum.  It was suggested by Don that we hold our May 25 meeting at Dust Bowl Brewing.

VII.  Service Center Report

    • Monday, May 1 is the Day of Action working people are encouraged to be strong with their Union.
    • Relay for Life is May 13.  We have assisted in that in the past.  A motion was made and passed to support Relay for Life.  (James/Boyle)
    • There is pending legislation in Congress for vouchers, creating more unregulated Charter Schools.
    • A new agency fee decision is headed to the Supreme Court.
    • Automatic enrollment is being challenged in the courts to try to have union members enroll yearly.
    • Gerrymandering Law is being challenged.

VII.  Old Business:  There was no old business to discuss.

IX  New Business  

A.  Bob informed us that Jennifer Baker, our legislative advocate, projected a rate of return of 7.5%.  We are not making that rate and it will drop to 7.25% and then 7%.  The state will have to put in more funds but will take six years to reach the appropriate level.  Districts will go from 8% to 19% in 2022.  Retired teachers are good but those who have not retired are in danger of reduced retirement.  If you have reached the age of 65, you can expect to add three months of life expectancy for every year you live past that.

B.  Lew talked about the Teach to Teach program, a mentor/student mentoring program operating in Yolo county associated with the Teacher Education program at the University of California, Davis.  We act as a mentor, sounding board, counselor, etc. for students in all areas of interest to teaching.  It gives them more of a perspective than that from their professors and administrators.  Lew will send out a recruitment email to our members.

C.  A good site to check out our member benefits is and

D.  The Last Gift Box, A Present to Those Who Follow Me by Tina Cole Kreitz was recommended to our members.  It is a workbook that lists all the things that need to be done before we pass so that our descendants can easily navigate all the legalities and see to all of our wishes during a stressful time for them.  The cost is $25.00 from the writer ( or from

E.  Bob notified us that there was a CTA scholarship in the name of Charlyn Russo.  It was moved and passed that we contribute $100.  (McDonough/Young)

X.  Other  None.

XI.  Adjourn  We adjourned at 2:12 PM.


Thursday, January 19, 2017


I.  Introductions Lunch began at Noon and the meeting started at 12:26 PM.

 Attendance: Don Rowe, Jon Olson, Paul Prescott, Charles James, Eric Julien, Cherie Lamoreaux, Lew Boyle, Ed Foglin, Bob McDonough, Kelly Connell Sandler, Jim Sandler

II.  Director Ed Foglia: Reported that things are going well or better because we live in California. We are looking at a rocky future because of the new appointees in Washington, the rollbacks in Medicare and ACA. We need to become active with our Congressmen. We are exploring mentoring statewide a Student CTA. He reminded us that you have to pay back salary if you die early in the month. It is prorated to the day you die.

III. President’s Report

A.  Call to Action: Bob reported from the Service Center meeting that we (Stanislaus CTA/NEA-Retired) are willing to help support local teachers.

B.  Retirement Conference: Will be held at the Fairmont in San Jose on March 2 and 3.

IV.  Minutes: The minutes for the October 13, 2016 meeting were read and approved. (Boyle, Prescott)

V.  Membership: Lew Boyle — Lew announced that we have 14 paid members.

VI.  Treasurer’s Report: Lew reported that we have $1,286.49 in our checking account and $60.00 in our savings account for a balance of $1068.49 in checking and $60.00 in savings for a total of $1,316.49. A motion was made to approve the minutes and it was approved. (Lamoreaux/James)

VII. Committee Reports:

A.  Political Action: Charley James — It was reported that Betsy DeVos is frightening.

i.  Prop 55: Lew Boyle —Prop 55 passed with a 54% – 46% margin.

ii.  Yes on N and O: Eric Julien — Measure N passed with a 69% vote in favor and Measure O passed with a 68% vote in favor. The TUSD Board noted that the high approval received was due to the public’s perception of the quality of education in Turlock.

B.  Web Page; Eric Julien — Some spam was sent out through the site but that should be stopped now.

C.  Social: Charlie Young — Charlie was not able to attend.

i.  Dust Bowl Brewery — The Dust Bowl does have an area for groups to reserve for a meal but no tours are available yet.

ii.  Sacramento Underground Tour — Cherie is in the process of getting information.

iii. Wine tours — Lodi has a nice selection of wineries that we could tour as a group.

VIII. Service Center Report: Bob and Don attended last Tuesday. advocates the election of board and financial transparency. Charter Schools are finding favor with the legislature as there was supposed to be a limit of 350 schools. There are over 500 now.

IX.  Old Business: Interactive ideas for the year 2017: We are looking for ways to build membership and attendance. The most we have had in attend a meeting is 24.

X.  New Business

A.  Future presentations: Possibilities offered were: The last gift of love – what you want done at your passing. It was also suggested that we set up a 55 and older, step–by–step timeline for pre-retirement online.

XI.  Other: In 1985, new members were able to qualify for Medicare. In 1988, CTA lobbied for a law that passed that brought all members on Medicare.

XII. Adjourn: We adjourned at 2:18 PM.


Thursday, October 13, 2016


I.  Introductions

II.  Presentation: The meeting began with lunch followed by a presentation by Sandy Howell on HICAP and Medicare services.

Attendance: Don Rowe, Paul Prescott, Lew Boyle, Bob McDonough, Bonnie Lewis, Barbara Frederiksen, Merrily Kay, Charley James, Debbie Savage, Eric Julien, Diane Young, and Cherie Lamoreaux.

III. President’s Report: The meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm. Don reported that he is still working on sending batch emails as they are giving him problems.

A.  Mo Pride: Bob reported that CTA had a presence at the LGBT event on October 1 where they handed out information.

B.  Yes on N and O: Eric presented an overview of the two Turlock Unified School District bond measures on the November 8 ballot.

C.  Mariposa County Fair Yes on 55: Charley sat at a booth to provide information on the school funding ballot measure in a very conservative county.

IV.  Minutes: The minutes for the May 26, 2016 meeting were read. Paul made the motion and Charley seconded it. The vote for acceptance passed. The minutes for the August 24 meeting were presented. Lew made the motion to accept them and Cherie seconded it. The motion passed.

V.  Membership: Lew Boyle — Lew announced that we have 11 paid members.

VI.  Treasurer’s Report: Lew reported that we have $970.49 in our checking account and $60.00 in our savings account with $98.00 in awaiting deposits for a balance of $1068.49 in checking and $60.00 in savings for a total of $1124.49. Debbie moved that we accept the report and Bob seconded the motion. The motion passed.

VII. Committee Reports:

A.  Political Action: Charley James — Charley reported that there has not been much movement politically because of the election. He expected a CARA email today.

i.  Prop 55: Lew Boyle — Lew reported that Prop 55 will not mean new taxes but extends an earlier proposition which is expiring.

ii.  Yes on N and O: Eric Julien — Eric reported that yard signs were available for TUSD residents and that polling shows that both measures have a 63 – 65% favorability.

B.  Web Page; Eric Julien — Eric reported that we have added a SSI Disability Benefits Guide and a Calculator which can be found in the Links tab of our website.

C.  Social: Charlie Young — Charlie was not able to attend.

i.  Dust Bowl Brewery — The Dust Bowl does not have tours yet nor do they have a meeting room.

ii.  Sacramento Underground Tour — This is a tour of the 1880s Sacramento. We could take Amtrak to visit.

iii. Wine tours — Lodi has a nice selection of wineries that we could tour as a group.

VIII. Service Center Report: The Service Center held a meeting on Tuesday, October 11. The Service Center is a conduit from CTA to local groups. Bob reported that the Service Center amended its bylaws so we have an ex-officio, nonvoting member (who will be Bob). State Council was repurposed so that the 760 members could hand out campaign materials. We can focus on local issues and Prop 55 but now we need to focus on Prop 55. The State Council meeting will be October 21–23 and there will be a SSC Paint Night on November 4 with $5 from each reservation going to the Haven Women’s Center. Bob warned us that negotiators should not accept contract language contingent on the passage of Prop 55.

IX.  Old Business: There was no carryover old business.

X.  New Business

A.  Future presentations: It is hoped that we can get CTA to give us a presentation on building membership.

XI.  Other: It was suggested that we contact local chapters and recommend that they negotiate for lifetime membership ($450.00) as a retirement perk or the local chapters should consider offering the membership to its retiring members.

XII. Adjourn: We adjourned at 1:56 pm.

Stanislaus CTA/NEA- Retired

August 24, 2016


Lunch began at Noon.

Meeting was called to order at 12:35 PM

In Attendance: Bob McDonough, Lew Boyle, Cherie Lamoreaux, Charlie James, Charlie Young, Don Rowe, Eric Julien, Barbara Fredrickson, Marily Kay, and Bonnie Lewis.


Officers and Board: Each officer introduced themself with a short description of their responsibility.

Members and future members: Barbara Fredrickson, Marily Kay, and Bonnie Lewis.

Why are we here?: Don related that we are a source of contact and continuity, we provide political advocacy, we offer social opportunities, and we provide information pertinent to retirees.

History: Bob briefly reviewed that he and Don formed the group when they retired. With the information from the State Council and a starting fund of $500, we were organized in 2012. Recruiting new members began with a, “You Don’t Have To Go Back Lunch.”

Activities: We support the Service Center by being Booze Police and by counting ballots. We have don’t train trips, luncheons, and walk-a-thons. We have taken a train trip to Sacramento to tour CalSTRS, old town, and the Capital.

Benefits: Pamphlets listing benefits of CTA and NEA membership were made available as well as posted on our website.

Open Chat: We discussed the annual 2% raise adjustment in benefits. We also discussed the tendency of our monthly benefit check to be adjusted for the first six months of retirement. Don requested that we bring a retired friend to the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1:47 PM.


Thursday, May 26, 2016


I. Introductions:  8 members were present.  Agenda was adopted with flexibility.

II. Minutes:  Minutes of the meeting of 1-21-16 (tabled at last meeting) were approved (Rowe/Savage).  Minutes of meeting of 3-24-2016 were approved (Rowe/Savage).  Minutes are posted on our website.

III. Treasurer’s Report:  Balance of $1030.49 was reported.  Report approved (Rowe/Lamoreaux).  2016-2017 Budget was revised to project $1216 in both income and expenses.  Budget adopted as revised (Rowe/Lamoreaux). Debbie reported membership as 15 paid members.  Paul Prescott paid his 2016-2017 dues, making membership 16 at the start of FY 2016-2017.

IV. President’s Report:  State Council:  There is no increase scheduled in NEA dues for the upcoming year.  CalSTRS lost approximately $3B last year due to divesting in tobacco stocks; may consider reassessment of the decision to divest.  CTA is not supporting HB 711, a bill to partially repeal GPO/WEP, because the repeal would be only partial.  Bob also reported on recruitment visits of newly retired CTA members.  Lew covered Patterson, Debbie covered Oakdale, Don covered Stan Union, and Bob covered Ceres.  A discussion ensued regarding the Districts’ need for site rep trainings.  Members suggested that CTA State Offices be apprised of this situation in the near future.  Bob also reported on the very successful “Tacos for Teachers” event of last month.  CTA-Retired was well represented at the bar—as bartenders, of course!

V. Old Business:  Mentorship:  Lew met with the S-CTA group at CSU Stanislaus and reported some interest expressed by the students in participating in the program.  More details to follow at the August and subsequent meetings.

VI. Committee Reports:

Political:  C.James was on assignment.  Bob reported that CTA expects that the Vergara appeal will not be reviewed.  The Prop 30 renewal will likely be on the November ballot.

Web Page:  Many positive comments from State offices continue about our Web and Facebook pages.  Cherie was commended for her efficiency in being Facebook administrator.

Social:  A discussion of future possible events yielded the following suggestions:

Local sports events (Modesto Nuts)

Tulip Festival in S. F. via Amtrak

Read Across America

Tour of Underground Sacramento

Tour of local brew pubs/craft breweries

VII.  New Business:  Elections:  Bob called for any new nominations for 2016-2018 officers; none were put forth.  The slate nominated in the March 24th meeting was unanimously accepted.  New officers are as follows:

President:  Don Rowe

Vice President:  Charley James

Treasurer:  Lew Boyle

Secretary:  Eric Julien

Members at Large:  Cherie Lamoreaux, Paul Prescott, Charlie Young.

By-Laws:  By-Laws were revised to include changes to Article 6, Section 1, making the office of Ex-President an ex-officio member of the local Board.  (Prescott/Savage)

“You Don’t Have To Go Back” Luncheon:  Bob thanked Patti and Cherie for spearheading the administrative work on setting up this year’s event, scheduled for August 17th.

VIII.  Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM.


January 21, 2016


I. Introductions:  

Meeting was called to order at 12:15.  Agenda was adopted “with flexibility.”  There were 11 members and guests in attendance.  Guests included Cynthia Menzel and Marc Sternberger, both from the CTA offices in Burlingame

II. Minutes of the meeting of 1-15-15 were accepted. (MSP Young, James)

III. Treasurer’s Report was approved (MSP Rowe, Young) and shows a balance of $1,055.25.

IV. Special Presentation

Ms. Cynthia Menzel, Region 2 Comm. Consultant, CTA

“Role of Social Media in Local CTA/NE-Retired Operations”

Cynthia Menzel from the CTA offices in Burlingame gave a presentation on the use of Facebook as a tool for our group.  She emphasized how to establish and use FB, how to incorporate photos and memes in our FB activities.

V. President’s Report

R.A. Update:  Bob reminded members of the RA election deadline for applications was Friday, January 22, at 5 PM.      

State Council Alternate Election:  He also reminded members about the State Council Alternate election vacancy, and that the deadline was the same as for the RA election.

Vote Counting at Ceres CTA Office:  Bob also reminded members that the Ceres CTA office will need vote counters on Feb. 11th and March 11th. Bob encouraged participation from all available members.

VI. Update on Friedrichs vs. CTA

In the absence of Elana Davidson, Bob advised that the Friedrichs v. CTA case is under review by SCOTUS.  A ruling is expected in late June.

VII. Committee Reports

Political Action:  (C. James)  Although NEA supports H.R. 973, changes in Social Security benefits impacted by GPO/WEP appear unlikely.  Charley will prep GPO/WEP information for distribution to Associated Presidents at next Service Center meeting.

Web Page:  (E. Julien) No changes to note, website is working well.

Membership:  (D. Savage)  Debbie was “on assignment.”

Social:  C. Young)  Sacramento trip to Sac Underground was mentioned as a  possibility for an activity later this year.  Wine tasting was also considered.

VIII. New Business

Local CTA/NEA-Retired Elections announcement:  Local CTA/NEA-Retires, Stanislaus elections will be held in May. Nominations will be accepted in April and the elections for all officers will be held in May. After a discussion regarding amending the by-laws to stagger election of officers, it was decided to not change the current process.  Don Rowe suggested allowing for the Ex-President to serve as an Ex-Officio member of the Board.  Motion was unanimously accepted.

IX. Adjournment was at 2:30 PM.


MAY 28, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 12:05 PM.   Agenda was adopted “with flexibility.”

  1. Introductions:  13 members and officers were present.  Two guests: Joyce Gandelman, Esq.  of the Senior Law Project of Modesto, and Terrie Pinkney of the local CTA office.

II.  Minutes (Young/Rowe) were approved.

III.  Treasurer’s Report (Rowe/Lamoreaux) was approved.

IV.  Special Report:  Terrie Pinkney thanked the group for their participation in this year’s Relay for Life.  She encouraged participation in next year’s event, and she will report regularly on issues regarding the 2016 RFL event.

V.  Presentation:  Joyce Gandelman highlighted Senior Law Project’s work and available services in the area of elder abuse, consumer issues, public benefits, housing, and more.  A Q and A session followed her presentation.

VI.  Committee Reports

A.  Political Action:  C. James was “on assignment.”   Don reported on Prop 98 follow-up.  He urged members to contact Gov.     Brown and representatives to support principles embodied in Prop 98.  He also encouraged legislator contact to oppose an anti-CTA lawsuit aimed at eliminating agency fee.  Bob was authorized to renew CARA membership (if necessary) when he meets with them next week (MSP Rowe/Young).

B.  Web Page/Membership:  Eric and Debbie were “on assignment.”

C.  Social:  Cherie updated members about August’s “You Don’t Have to Go Back” luncheon/recruitment event.  Green Grub of Turlock will cater.  Members are encouraged to invite likely new members.

VII.  Old Business

A.  Rules  Agreed by acclamation:  By-Laws to remain as is.  Lew and Don will draft suggestions for updates on Standing Rules at the October meeting.

B.  District Recruitment:  Members contacted soon-to-retire teachers as follows:  Don: Oakdale/ Lew: Patterson/ Cherie: Empire/Bob: Turlock and Ceres/C. Young: Modesto.

VIII.  New Business

A.  List of 2014-15 activities was presented, including phone banking, ballot counting, tacos for teachers, field trips, Relay for life, School Bell Awards, CTA/NEA Conference.  Bob will present this list (and more, if warranted) to State CTA offices.

B.  2015-16 Calendar:  In addition to the August luncheon, CTA/NEA-Retired will hold business meetings on 10/15, 1/21, 3/24, 5/26 next school year.

C.  Future presentations:  HICAP representative will present to the October meeting.

Meeting adjourned 1:51 PM