CTA/NEA–Retired Member Benefits

Websites: and

CTA Advocacy:  If you have a dispute with any CTA vendor, you can have a panel from endorsed services act as a jury to arbitrate disagreements.

Vision Care:  At the eye doctor, give your VSP provider your 10-digit CTA ID number to receive a 20% discount.

Free Magazines:  You can receive 2 free magazine subscriptions at The Kiplinger Report deals with retiree issues.

NEA Click and Save:  At you can pay $5.00 and receive $25.00 worth of food at restaurants.  The website also has discounts for Rental Cars and Sears.

NEA Hearing Aid Savings Plan: HEAR

NEA Facebook:  For deals and discounts, new material added everyday.

Rental Car:  Enterprise at discount code NACA068 for $33.00 flat rate.

AT&T: 15% discount.  You must go into the store to request the discount.

General Legal Services:  One hour of advice/consultation.  Get referral from CTA Office in Burlingame.

NEA Auto Purchase:

NEA Medicare Supplement Program:

CTA Disaster Relief Fund:  Provides financial assistance for natural disasters that affect you or your property.

$1,000,000 Liability insurance