CTA/NEA – Retired: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Additional resources: www.cta.org/retired (website); CTA-retired@cta.org (email); www.facebook.com/ctanearetired (social media)
  1. What types of legal services are offered to retired members? CTA/NEA-Retired members are eligible for one (1) hour of legal consultation pid by CTA on matters concerning retirement benefits, health and welfare benefits, or substitute employment. This program has recently been expanded to include a 30-minute free legal consultation (no more often than once a year) with a participating CTA Group Legal Services attorney on other matters. These other matters do not include income taxes, intellectual property or immigration law.

To be eligible for these limited legal consultation benefits, the individual must be a continuous member of CTA and/or CTA/NEA-Retired, including the time the incident given rise to the ned for legal assistance occurred and the time of the request for legal services. In addition, the individual must maintain membership while legal assistance is being provided.

  1. Membership Card information –
  • Cards run on a weekly basis for new members and sent to the address in the CTA falcon database.
  • Members receive one card and may request replacements on an “as needed” basis by calling the Membership Department @ 650.552.5278
  • Pre-retired members do not receive a card until CTA is notified that the member has retired and membership has switched to CTA/NEA-Retired
  1. Pre-Retired Membership –

To insure a smooth transition after retirement, pre-retired members must call CTA Membership at 650.552.5278 to change your active status to CTA/NEA-Retired:

  • If the member’s retirement date occurs during the school year, their CTA/NEA-Retired status changes immediately upon calling CTA Membership.
  • If the member’s retirement date occurs at the end of the school year, they will remain an active CTA/NEA member until August 31. After, their CTA/NEA-Retired membership becomes effective September 1.
  1. Membership pertaining to CalSTRS Dues Deduction –
  • Enrollment forms need to be received in the Membership Department prior to the first week of August in order to make the September deduction and for the member to have no break in their membership status.
  • 2014-2015 members will maintain their membership through August 31 provided they appear on the final dues deduction for their district (usually June 30).
  • Annual members will receive a reminder letter (usually in July) to renew their membership for the subsequent year.
  • Fax enrollment form(s) to 650.552.5061 or send via email at Membership@cta.org
  1. Who do I contact about getting more specific information regarding the Long-Term Care Insurance?
  • For general questions regarding your policy, please call 800.982.1775, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.
  • For questions related to premium increases, please call 888.877.4934, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.
  • Visit: http://www.calpers.ca.gov/index.isp?bc=/member/ltc/home.xml
  1. If you have received a letter from CalSTRS stating there was an error in the calculations when you retired and you owe money, please follow ALL of these steps:
  1. How do I go about cashing in my retirement?
  • Please contact the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) at 800.228.5453 or via online at calstrs.com
  • Speak with your local STRS Counselor by calling 800.228.5453, select option 3 or via online at calstrs.com/local-counseling-offices
  1. I would like a printout or statement from my retirement account.
  • Please contact the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) at 800.228.5453 or via online at calstrs.com
  1. I would like more information on the NEA life insurance policy I have been paying into.
  • Please call the NEA Members Insurance Trust at: 800.637.4636.
  1. Who do I talk to within CTA regarding social security issues and legislation?
  • Please call Jennifer Baker at 916.325.1545